Why Should A Plumber Have A License?

Some Important Reasons Why A Plumber Should Have A License

Nobody can understand the importance of plumbing better than a person living in the cities. Good plumbing is a basic need. Urgent plumbing issues pose a great risk to the property as well as the health of the occupants, therefore you should consider getting a licensed Emergency plumber Sydney. Although plumbing is important, either you are living in a city or countryside. The ultimate necessity is visible in the urban areas only. Here, the dwellings are dense and the rules are strict. As a German proverb says, ‘Necessity seeks bread where it is to be found’. The importance of good plumbing can be felt nowhere better than densely populated places in Australia. This gives plumbers great importance. You can ask this from any person struggling with drainage issues. You’ll understand the significance of a good plumber. But, this doesn’t make any plumber a good plumber. There is a catch in this.

There are categories of plumber’s authorization in their respective order of significance.

1. Having Plumber License

They have the authorization to work in their specialization. They can issue compliance certificates.

2. Plumbers having provisional registration

They can only work under the supervision of a licensed plumber

3. Plumbers still training under licensed plumbers

They are still under training. Individual work is not permitted.

4. Unlicensed Plumbers

They are not always authorized to work.

If you fall into the first category and have a plumber license then you are already enjoying your profession.
In case you are in the second category then you are working towards it. But, you are still to have the authorization.
The people in the third category will still have to toil a bit to establish their future.
The people falling into the fourth category should consider getting a license in New South Wales to get into the Sydney plumbing industry.

There are some important reasons for that. A plumbing license is just not a permit to work in the plumbing industry but it is an assurance of your qualification for the job. It certifies many things like:

  • You are a trained professional
  • You have achieved professional training and have passed all the exams that prove that you are qualified to do the job. This increases the trust of the customer in you.
  • You are Insured

The plumber license can only be given to those individuals having public liability license cover. This means that in the case of any incident the damage done by you will be covered. This is a big concern for the clients letting you work on their property.

No criminal record

It is an important thing. In this society paranoid about security, a plumber’s license ensures the property owner that you have been verified by the government and a background check will have been run. This instils the confidence in the property owners.

So, if you want to have an independent and flourishing career in plumbing then you must have a plumber license. It will give you the following advantages:

Freedom Practice independently

You’ll be free to practice independently and hence your earning prospects would increase and you can even setup your own plumbing business.

Authority to issue Compliance Certificate

A Plumber License gives you the authority to issue a compliance certificate that all the required plumbing protocols have been followed in the work. This increases your professional weight and you can even install commercial cooking equipment.

Better work opportunities

You’d naturally get better work and pay opportunities with the help of your license.

So, if you have still not applied for the plumber license and you are still wondering about your decision then there is no reason to be confused. Getting the license is one of the best decisions you can take about getting into the industry with a solid footing.