These 5 hacks can extend the life of your commercial hand dryers

A toilet without hand dryer is not considered apt for use. Just like usual toiletries, commercial hand dryers have become a necessity of every office toilet.  On top of that, nobody loves to see those sopping hands for long. Other than a trendy option, it is seen as a hygienic replacement for those toilet napkins. Moreover, when it can dry your hands just within 12 seconds, why one would not love to go for it.

With the increasing craze of hand dryers, numerous brands have stepped into the market to engrave their own identity in the hand dryers’ world.  But only a few like JD Macdonald hand dryers and Bobrick hand dryers have been successful enough in reaching their goals.

Though a solid brand name is always required to ensure the durability of your product, but when it comes to hand dryers, a lot can be done from your own end. Let’s check out what can be done to lengthen the life of the hand dryers.

Here are 5 hidden hacks that can assist you in maintaining the hand dryers well for long.

    1. Frequent cleaning- Rare people know, half of the issues related to electronic items can be sorted out just by a thorough cleaning. No matter it is your T.V set stored in the cleanest corner of the room or a hand dryer, every electronic product catches the dirt particles which if enters inside the motor can damage the product anyhow.

The best way to clean the hand dryer is with a soft cotton cloth. Make sure that you use only non-abrasive cleaners who do not contain alcohol or acid properties, bleach, foaming properties, and oil. If used can make the condition even adverse.

  1. Brush replacement- Usually, brush replacement depends on the condition of the hand dryer. But, it is always wise to take necessary preventions before it gets too late. Go for changing the brushes after every 6 months, as it catches the dirt & water droplets which may hinder the working of the motor inside.
  2. HEPA filter replacement- Now, this is more of a vacuum cleaner for the hand dryer. It blocks all the germs & dust from getting in touch with the delicate machine embedded inside. This makes it a compulsion to clean this filter in the interval of 6 months at least.
  3. Water tank cleaning- Of course, a hand dryer at home & at office has a lot of difference in between. Because of the large number of employees, the commercial hand dryers are used excessively thus required to be managed well. There is a tiny water tank fitted inside to collect the water droplets, which must be cleaned every month for a fluently running machine.
  4. Circuit board replacement- There are chances when your hand dryer may stop working suddenly. In such cases, the circuit board must be changed. It is only required, once you see any such trouble.To accomplish all these maintenance necessities for the hand dryer kept either at your home or office, make sure you recommend a savvy electrician only who knows the right measures to be taken for the same.

Poonam Bhatt