Applications of Anti-Static Mats in Our Homes or Offices

Anti-static matting, or ground mats (commonly pronounced) are devices which safeguard humans and gadgets from sudden electrostatic discharges. These mats absorb the static electricity which might otherwise cause damage to electrostatic sensitive modern lifestyle necessities like the personal computer and its peripherals, the keyword, and CPU. Have you seen the famous BBC science-fiction T.V. series […]

Top Manufacturers of Commercial Kitchen Equipment

The commercial kitchen equipment and appliance manufacturing business have seen immense evolution and growth, ever since we, the human beings discovered the real pleasure and luxure of relishing food outside the house. Consequently, the hospitality industry remained unshaken from the dark clouds of global business scenario-recession and inflation. Today, the food service equipment supplies market […]

SEMAK PW100B Builders 100 Pie Warmer Review

Established in the year 1948, Semak is an Australian based manufacturer of hospitality goods. With over 68 years of experience, the company has gained a dominant foothold in the minds of consumers via its nation-wide distributor and service agent network, which has helped it to scale new heights with every passing year. With a reputation […]

Are Plumbers & Plumbing Engineers Different?

For a layman, the terms ‘plumber’ and ‘plumbing Engineer’ does not make any difference. But, in actuality, there is a lot of difference between the both. For once, ‘Plumbing Engineer’ might sound like a hundred dollar treat, whereas, ‘Plumber’ as that old school monotonous meal. By saying so, we’re not comparing both the profession, but […]

Why Should A Plumber Have A License?

Some Important Reasons Why A Plumber Should Have A License Nobody can understand the importance of plumbing better than a person living in the cities. Good plumbing is a basic need. Urgent plumbing issues pose a great risk to the property as well as the health of the occupants, therefore you should consider getting a […]