How to Submit Paper to Australasian Journal of Water Resources?

Sources of water which are potentially useful are described as water resources. As a matter of truth, every living entity-, be it the humans, plants, or the animals- they all require water to grow and reproduce.

Do you know, 97% of water on Earth is salty, while the remaining is fresh water, and around one/third is the water frozen as icebergs?

Though fresh water found underneath the surface of the earth is a renewable source, the supply of groundwater is dipping with every passing in most parts, from Asia to Africa. And, many worldwide experts have foretold that the third world war will kindle owing to scarcity of water, where nations will fight it out for every drop of water.

Australasian Journal of Water Resources 

Being one of the most read journals in Australia, the Australasian Journal of Water Resources is a multi-disciplinary regional journal, bringing professionals, professors, students, and the commoners, to discuss on water resources management and planning.

The geophysical focus of this magazine is the territories of New Zealand, Australia, and the Pacific Islands, though, papers from other parts of the world are greeted with a warm welcome, if they some research work from the above-mentioned regions. See more from Plumber in Canberra and plumbers in Newcastle.

This most read journal in the Kangaroo nation is always in hunt for unique, genuine, and quality research work from scholars, NGO’s professors, or anyone who cares for the environment he or she lives in, but the paper should focus on the broad topic of water resources and management

If you are planning to write a paper for Australasian Journal of Water Resources, then check out these subtopics:

  • Water Resources Management
  • Hydrology (Surface Water, Groundwater, Floods, Droughts)
  • Issues of Environmental Water (Including Environmental Flows and Eco-Hydrology)
  • Water-Related Development Studies, Sociology, Anthropology and Politics
  • Water Quality, Pollution and Treatment Technologies
  • Water Systems (Distribution and Clear Drainage Networks, Fix Showers, Bench Grinders, Rivers, Catchments, Urban Systems, Wetlands, Aquatic Ecosystems, Hydrogeology, Aquaponics), and many more.

The Process of Approving Papers

Upon submitting a research paper to the Australasian Journal of Water Resources via email, their panel of editors will review your work. Your paper will be screened, firstly the topic of your concern, then quality, and its genuineness.

Upon passing the initial screening phase by their editors, your work will be forwarded for independent reviews from at least people, (depending on the complexity of the topic), those who have heaps of experience under their belt, and tremendous knowledge to understand every aspect of the things touched upon. This reviewing work is done quickly and perfectly to ensure the paper submitter gets the feedback in some days.

If the paper is accepted, then it will be published on their official website and with DOI soon.

Concluding Thoughts

Yes, it is good to read journals, but if you have in you to script a research report, then go for it. Irrespective of your line of work, be it you are a plumber in Sydney, your practical experience might be greater than a professor educating university students on water management.

Poonam Bhatt

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