Here Are the Top 10 Countries With the Fastest Internet Networks in the World

No matter literate or illiterate, no individual can deny the fact that the internet has sorted out our lives to a great extent. Whether it is picking up the trendy wardrobe styles or undergoing any technical course, everything is possible just with a click.

With this rising growth, more and more people are hopping on different technology aspects to enrich the experience of being in the digital age. And to do so, having basic knowledge of accessing the internet is a must.

As everyone isn’t a savvy using the internet appropriately, there are trusted entities like Venntifact which assist people in making the most out of technology through their advanced range of services.

Now, it’s pretty obvious, in this digital age, almost everyone would want to access the internet at its best. A huge majority of people consider high-speed internet without any network hindrance as the best one to access. And this has somehow accelerated the bars of the internet connection standards for almost everyone.

Amidst other challenges in life, having a good speed internet has added as another one. To facilitate people with such necessities, almost every country has started to make necessary arrangements. And to help you enrich your knowledge bars about the same niche, here is a list of top 10 countries which are providing the highest speed internet in the entire world.

1. South Korea – At present South Korea is entitled as the only country proffering the highest speed of internet which is 22.2 Mbps. Reportedly, it has been increased by 1.6% according to the last year.

2. Hong Kong – With an average internet speed of 16.8, Hong Kong is in the second position in this list and has seen a rise of around 37% from the last year.

3. Japan – This country is not just renowned for producing the best quality technology gadgets but for a good internet speed too. Japan provides 15.2 Mbps of internet speed.

4. Sweden – With 14.6 Mbps internet speed, Sweden hits the 4th position in the list. As compared to the last year, the speed has increased to 34%.

5. Switzerland – After increasing the speed by 21%, Switzerland, at present is providing 14.5 Mbps of internet speed.

6. The Netherlands – This country is providing an average internet speed of 14.2 which has been increased by 15% as compared to the last year.

7. Latvia – Providing 13 Mbps of internet speed has entitled Latvia at the 7th position in the list which has accelerated by 25%.

Apart from all these top 10 countries, there are other sections of the world like- India or the United States of America which are still battling hard to become a part of this list and can be considered somehow really close to the same.

The bottom line-

The internet speed varies in different locations which ultimately gives people a good experience in accessing it. And at present, almost every country is competing to be on the top of the fastest internet speed list.

Poonam Bhatt