Evolution of Domestic Ovens Over The Past Century

No matter you want to bake a fluffy cake or your daughter’s favorite chocolate fudge for her first birthday bash, for every purpose having a good quality oven has become one major necessity. This has proved to be a major source of inspiration for all the oven makers or manufacturers who are supplying domestic as well as commercial ovens on a global level.

Introduction to oven-

Though, all of us know the complete operations of an oven but certainly, we aren’t aware of its history at all. So, did you ever take the pain to understand or to know the story behind the advent of the oven? If not then here is all that you need to know about it.

The oven is an insulated alcove which is used to heat, cook or bake an eatable item. It works on the electricity and releases a desired amount of heat inside the case to cook products without the use of oil. This entire process is often known as baking where food is cooked with heat & almost zero usage of oil.

The trend of oven started from Central Europe in 29,000 BC. Initially, the design was introduced to be more of a pit which was covered from 4 corners leaving one side open to keep the eatables inside comfortably. These mud-made ovens use to work with hot coals and heat generated through burning wooden pieces.

In order to prevent the food from burning, eatables use to be covered in thick banana leaves just to let a limited or required amount of heat enter the food & cook it. this is the same technique which is often used in convection ovens these days, the difference is now people cover the eatables with either silver foil or prefer to fluctuate the temperature accordingly.

A transformation in the food industry-

With time, constant transformations have flipped the phase of ovens which has given people a great sigh of relief. Be it the exceptionally classy designs or upgraded technology, ovens have been revolutionized to a great extent. Presently, you can find out a series of oven available in the market but today we’ll go through the string or series of ovens which is rare to find anywhere else.

This list is based on the models launched from previous to the newer ones.

  1. Pit ovens – This one is the basic and the very first oven model which was designed with mud and use to work with heated coal.
  1. Double oven – In order to fasten up the cooking process, when two different layers of pit oven were made it denoted as double oven which really got popular at one time.
  1. Ceramic oven – To give it a better infrastructure, when clay was used instead of mud, it referred as the ceramic oven which was best to heat up food faster.
  1. Convection ovens – And now at present, we can see electronic convection ovens which are almost rocking every corner of the world. Keeping in mind the necessity and commercial as well as domestic uses, many big brands have launched small convection ovens to help people resume their domestic cooking with utmost perfection.

The concluding words-

Giving oven a new phase and pace is no doubt a huge task to conquer. But technology has given it an entirely new look & feel in no time. All in all, it’s science advancement which has let us experience cooking at its best.

Poonam Bhatt