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Air Tools WA is a renewed industrial tool supplier established in Australia since 2002. The company is a leading air tool e-commerce store selling the widest range of top quality air filters from acclaimed brands globally, covering a wide database of customers. They are a premier online store, specializing in an extensive selection of air treatment devices, ranging from rotary screw to diesel air compressors. They also bring to you a huge range of accessories & parts of air compressors. At Air Tools WA, they promise to deliver & install the device or equipment at your place, that’s why they are rated as an one-stop for best quality air compressors in the Perth.

The company has a decade-long history in the Australian market, serving both small and big businesses in Western Australia. They also supply quality equipment to help you upgrade your air compressor system in order to boost your industry productivity, improved efficiency, and curb down on the expenses.

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1 Address-1/19 Mordaunt Circuit, Canning Vale Western Australia 6155
2 U2 / 73 Buckingham Dr, Wangara Western Australia 6065
3 Contact: 1300 062 377
4 Email-

1.Unmatched Quality Promised

At Air Tools WA, they sell only the recognised brands in the industrial market of Australia, they don’t compensate on quality for pricing. Here, you won’t have to make the big decision between a shoddy, cheap product and a quality equipment to add value to your manufacturing plant. Beside, unmatched quality, they assure you competitive pricing of each device or appliance listed on their online store. This is one of the strongest points about Air Tools WA which help it gain grounds in several parts of the kangaroo nation.

2.Top Brand, Best Prices

Whether you are in search of Air Sanders or a piston air compressor, Air Tools WA got you covered. The company is in ever-long strive of increasing its product range to meet the evolving needs of the modern industry with quality & precision. So, you can count on this eCommerce store to help your business scale new highs with each passing hour. At Air Tools WA you only get to see top brands. Each product published on Air Tools WA store, are professionally tested to ensure high quality, best functionality, and improved durability. The company has workshops in Canning Vale and the Wangara region. Each product on the website of Air tools WA tick the boxes of the quality & trust, as they comply with the safety standards of Australia, and thereby assuring 100% work safety. Here at Air Tools WA, they have on offer top air compressor brands such as the Black Cat and the AKKO. Additionally, they are the authorized seller of Atlas’s piston air and the Copco rotary compressors in the Western Australian territory.

The Atlas Copco is today the world’s most renowned brand of high-quality Air Drills, power tools, this globally recognized manufacturer is known for its intelligent and durable products. In addition, their manufactured products score high on the front of energy efficiency.

3.Air Tool Maintenance Services Offered

The Air Tools WA also provide reliable air tool maintenance solutions for a variety of brands, of diverse models and capacities. You can trust Air Tools WA to ensure your equipment stays in optimum condition for years, therefore, be a valuable asset to your industry. The company offer maintenance services to hundreds of businesses across Western Australia, this include the big mining projects, and industrial workshops ranging from small to big. So, whether you are in look for a top-quality air compressor based on the Technology of the piston or in search of a trustworthy professional to repair your air filter, the company is there to serve you the best. Moreover, Air Tools WA and Wiha promise the best pricing for products sold and professional services offered.

The company has a team of specialists reviewing each product before publishing it on the Air Tools WA store, they analyze the quality of the equipment or device in terms of best-in-class industry standards.

In the end, why think or rethink, visit the official website of the company for more information. You can also reach out to the company by emailing them at or make a call at 1300 062 377, their customer support team will resolve all your queries or doubts in a matter of seconds.

What is The Complete Contact Details Of The Company?
  • 1/19 Mordaunt Circuit, Canning Vale Western Australia 6155
  • U2 / 73 Buckingham Dr, Wangara Western Australia 6065
  • 1300 062 377

How Many Varieties of Air Compressors Available At Air Tools WA?

Being a trusted name in Western Australia’s e-commerce sector, the  Air Tools WA offer three varieties of air compressors, and these are as follow- Atlas Copco Rotary Screw Compressors, Oil-Free Air Compressors & Piston Air Compressors.

What Compressed Air Systems and Air Tool Repairs and Maintenance Services Offered by Air Tools WA?

The company offer comprehensive  Compressed Air Systems and Air Tool Repairs and Maintenance Services-

  • Compressed Air Systems and Air Tool Repairs
  • Compressed Air systems and Air Tool Maintenance
  • Free Compressed Air systems/Air Tool Repair and Maintenance Quotes
  • Compressed Air systems and Air Tool Safety Checks

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