Bromic- A Complete Refrigeration Solution

A brief on Bromic-

Bromic Refrigeration like Liebherr is one name describing innovation, technology, and advancement at its best. It is considered to be one of the highly preferred refrigerator solution providers in entire Australia. Its range of excellence can be witnessed through their range and standards of commercial refrigerator solutions.

This Bromic company profile is to let you enrich your knowledge bars about an international brand which has served many globally renowned brands and have earned a lot of fame in quite a less time.

Established in 1999, Bromic Refrigeration has been improvising their solutions to consume less electricity in their commercial refrigeration and make the products better than ever before. Right from their under bench freezers to the different designs of commercial freezers, they excel the art of charming people with the exceptional technology.

What makes Bromic Refrigeration the best?

When it comes to electronic appliances which are commonly used in restaurants and homes, people often look for trustworthy and reliable solutions. Considering such aspects, Bromic is one name that strikes first in everyone’s mind.

Having a good reputation and capability of delivering quality products, Bromic Refrigeration has already associated with global food chains and brands like- McDonald’s, Metcash, Retail Food Group, Subway, Domino’s, Nudie, Schweppes, and IGA. This has somehow been a major reason for the uplifting demand and standards of Bromic Refrigeration solutions.

In order to enrich the experience of refrigerating or cooking, recently they have come up with an exclusive range of products which includes-

1. Ice machines

2. Delicatessen displays

3. Open display bars

4. Double door refrigerators

5. Chest freezers

6. Gelato displays

7. Island freezers

8. Pizza preps

9. Modular freezer rooms

Else than all these equipment used in the commercial or domestic kitchens, recently, they have come up with a medical solution providing equipment which is more of a medical grade under counter refrigerator which is often used to store the delicate medicines which require exceptionally low temperature for the right preservation.

Another big highlight of their inventory store is the spare part and accessory section. Yes, you read that right! Bromic Refrigeration also provide a complete range of spare parts for all the refrigerator solutions to help you cut cost on your budget by getting a particular spare part repaired.

Warranty period conditions-

Just like any other brand, Bromic Refrigeration also provides you with a warranty period on their each and every product. In order to know the exact years or months of warranty time duration, an individual needs to contact the Bromic customer care or directly visit their store where complete information of a specific product is available.

As they provide different solutions including-

1. Refrigeration solution

2. Gas and water products

3. Gas plumbing Sydney products

4. Heating products

The warranty period, product operations, price, every aspect varies. To help every customer get the most out of the Bromic product, a product manual is always provided elaborated in layman’s language. Still, if an individual is not able to understand the same, the doubts can be cleared via their customer care support anytime.

Poonam Bhatt