Are Plumbers & Plumbing Engineers Different?

For a layman, the terms ‘plumber’ and ‘plumbing Engineer’ does not make any difference. But, in actuality, there is a lot of difference between the both. For once, ‘Plumbing Engineer might sound like a hundred dollar treat, whereas, ‘Plumber’ as that old school monotonous meal. By saying so, we’re not comparing both the profession, but just trying to take you out the misconception.

Rare people know that both the designations are hard to attain, because of the skills it requires.

Let’s find out the real difference between both of them.

Who is Plumber Engineer?

While watching your leaky tap, who comes to your mind first, a Plumbing Engineer or a Plumber? Of course, it is your plumber who fixes your running taps & bathroom fittings and that’s what creates the real difference between Plumbing Engineers and Plumbers.

Plumbing Engineers are the one who designs the complete layout of your home drainage system and water supply lines. Generally, these engineers are hired during the home construction. Their major role is to design a straightforward map for the easy alignment of pipe fittings.

On the other hand, Plumbers are:

The one who fixes those pipes & aligns them perfectly according to the layout of the home. The role of a Plumbing Engineer might end, once the home is constructed, but a Plumber is someone who is required to be hired even to fix the minor bathroom fitting issues.

To make this concept more clear, here are the different roles or duties of both Plumbing Engineer and Plumbers.

Roles of a Plumbing Engineer are:
  1. He/she works on the principles of mechanical, civil & chemical engineering.
  2. He/ she is required to pay attention to all factors of water efficiency, pollution, fire protection & energy sustainability.
  3. He/she can be assigned to both public and private projects.
  4. It’s his/her role to lay down a foundation of a plumber’s work. Basically, A plumbing Engineer makes the blueprint of plumber’s work.
  5. The duties are restricted till coming up with an intelligible plan that can be executed easily by the plumber.
  6. A particular procedure is always followed to hire a plumber engineer.
  7. He/she holds complete write to ask the time duration and charges of the assistance before conducting the work activities on the site.

This was all about plumbing engineers. Now, let’s take a quick glance over the roles & responsibilities of a plumber.

  1. A plumber is assigned to assemble pipes, fitting tubes using different tools including- bolts, nuts, cement, plastic solvent, caulking, screws and much more.
  2. His work area is quite vast including ranging from bathroom fitting to fixing kitchen leaky taps. This factor has made kitchen plumbing in Sydney, more in demand.
  3. His work activities even includes- brazing, welding, and soldering
  4. A plumber can be hired immediately by briefly asking & explaining all the necessary terms.
  5.  Sydney plumbers are hired according to the work nature.

To find out more interesting information about variant concepts, stay tuned!

Poonam Bhatt