Applications of Anti-Static Mats in Our Homes or Offices

Anti-static matting, or ground mats (commonly pronounced) are devices which safeguard humans and gadgets from sudden electrostatic discharges. These mats absorb the static electricity which might otherwise cause damage to electrostatic sensitive modern lifestyle necessities like the personal computer and its peripherals, the keyword, and CPU.

Have you seen the famous BBC science-fiction T.V. series named ‘The Changes’? If not, this serial had a series of episodes revolving around an age when men and women will become allergic to electricity. Fortunately, modern-day sciences have come up with several advancements which are not centred on the luxury aspect, but focused on the well-being of mankind, and anti-static mats are one of them. Roll down, as here we’ve listed some of the common uses of an anti static mat:

Ground Mats in Workplaces

Irrespective of the type and size of business, every company have some form of machinery, means electrical equipment which leads to the mushrooming of static electricity around a particular region. Not only, electrostatic energy poses a serious threat to all the gadgets in the workplace, but also potentially dangerous for the employees and patrons in the vicinity. As a matter of fact, every material, compromising both insulators and semi-conductors give out sudden electrostatic discharges, and these discharges create sparks between objects, which is dangerous for both men and machine. Your employees probably had felt frequent shock sensations, upon coming in contact with metal objects.

Keeping the above in mind, anti-static mats are worth an office setting investment for the good health of your workforce and machinery in the workplace. These high-quality mats shields electronic devices from static electricity that otherwise cause damages on the nearby surfaces and protect the employees from small shocks. Ground mats quickly absorb all the static energy present in the hands of the individuals working before they come in physical contact with the static electricity sensitive devices there. In a nutshell, anti-static matting serves two purposes, one is to protect gadgets by static control, and another one is to lower down your employee’s exhaustion.

Ground Mats in Homes 

Unknowingly, static electricity has become a serve problem, which going to haunt the mankind in the coming years. To quote the ESD Association, electronic static discharges are solely because of the high-tech modern-culture which has lead to a race amongst the masses to manufacturer small devices with enhanced speed and increased sensitivity

Dangers of static electricity include malfunction of the device, damages to the inside sensitive components of equipment, and sparks which might ignite a big fire if it takes place in a zone which is flammable, and the build-up of the possibly dangerous continent around the fibrous surfaces.

Thereby, anti-static mats are worthy to have under your personal computer, T.V. and other electrostatic sensitive gadgets in your apartment.

Wrapping up, before making a purchase for an anti static mat from the first e-commerce store you come across; do research on the credible of the brand and the features offered, since it is a long-term worthy investment.

Poonam Bhatt