A Brief History of Sidchrome Company

Whether you are a seasoned pro with years of industry exposure or a newbie carving a niche in the technician career, you require the proper arsenal of tool & equipment to have that professional disciplines. With a myriad of brands out there, it is troublesome to figure out which is best in terms of quality and endurance, and especially when it’s your first technical job. However, much to the delight of many like you, here, we take a dive into the rich history of a manufacturer which has been a standout, setting new yardsticks for impeccability with exploration and modernization.

Sidchrome- A Top Tool Manufacturer

The Sidchrome is one of the leading brands of premium quality and high-end mechanical tools and is a part of the renowned Stanley Black & Decke family.

The Sidchrome Company-How It Began

The post second world-war shortage of tools and equipment gave birth to the Sidchrome Company when Royston Siddons’ Siddons Drop Forgings Pty Ltd shifted its entire focus to the ecosystem of tool manufacturing. Brunswick, a small city in Melbourne, Victoria, was the original production house of the Sidchrome tool bag and secateurs other arrays of tools. Till 1996, the product range of Sidchrome was designed & developed in Australian territory, then moved to Taiwan, after the company was gained by The Stanley Works (since 2010 named Stanley Black & Decker).

Sidchrome Sponsors Several Racing Sporting Events

Since, making a mark in the global markets, the Sidchrome company, has been sponsoring several sporting eventing across the Australian and New Zealand region’s racing drivers in the 70’s. Jim Richards, the champion of the New Zealand and Australian saloon, one to mention.

Sidchrome-Performance in the Recent Years

In the last couple of years, the Sidchrome Company has gone from strength to strength, by becoming a top-seller of automotive products in the Australia and New Zealand territories. Also, the sales of the company are augmenting with every passing year. The Sidchrome company is the product sponsor of Australia’s V8 Supercar Championship series since 2007.

Sidchrome’s Tool Kit Range

Since the inception of Sidchrome paint spray gun, it is framed for its selective range of tool bags, which contain all the items required to carrying our efficient mechanical operations. Not only, they offer increased performance and durability, also versatility for a plenty of automotive tasks, solving problems of any complexity. With years, the excellence of products has progressed by incorporating fresh technologies and manufacturing techniques for stimulating the world of automation with modern sciences.

Where to Shop for Sidchrome Products

The Sidchrome products are accessible in local automotive stores and malls, you can easily buy. Also, you can shop from their official eCommerce website. Their online store is quite simple to browse, add products to cart, checkout and the job is done. And, the best part of shopping from their business site, you are guaranteed only authentic stuff and new products.


At the end of it all, from the above, you probably got an idea about the history of Sidchrome and why it is still a trusted brand today.

Poonam Bhatt